How can you organize a messy room?


To organise a messy room, divide the room into functional quarters. Then clean the room starting from the top down. Use storage containers to optimize space and improvise folders and trays to organize and store important documents. Then finally, organize the room by clustering like items.
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1. Divide the room into areas. This might be difficult with a small room, but ideally, you want four separate areas. Arrange furniture and accents by area. 2. Put the bed in the sleeping
1 Put all of your clothes on the bed Ad 2 Throw out the ones that are ruined beyond repair 3 Keep some clothes that are too small but have a good design: You can make your own clothes
Sort through boxes, junk, piles, games, books/mags/papers, donate -old/never use, throw away -broken, paper, trash. Organizing your clothes will make a big difference. Go thru your
You cant make it look nice while its still messy. You have to CLEAN! Organizing helps too.
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How to Organize a Messy Room
Along with a messy room come several problems besides just how to address the unsightly, unkempt appearance. Clutter, such as dirty laundry or toys littering the floor, make it difficult to clean the room or to find specific items believed to be in the... More »
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The way to organize a messy room is to pick up all the items off the floor. Put all laundry away or in a basket. Clean up any trash and throw it away.
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