How to Organize a Motorcycle Poker Run?


To organize a motorcycle poker run you want to get as many donations and volunteers as possible to make your event successful. the less you have to pay for the more you make to donate to your cause or organization. You will need a big prize to attract participants, a staging place to start the event and an ending location that has been rented or approved for a party site. You will map out a route of about 75 miles that is scenic and enjoyable to the rider. You will have volunteers at each stop dealing the hands. You will have to set up rules for your poker game and prizes for the hands. A poker run is not a race but a fun day of events that includes a hand of cards. A successful motorcycle poker run includes a raffle prize, a motorcycle show with prizes for best in show, a band, lots of food, bikers like to eat, maybe a penny social, kids selling 50/50 tickets and just a fun day. How to organize a great poker run
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1. Position your tables in a logical arrangement based on the size and shape of your room. Make sure to leave enough space between each table for players to easily enter and exit.
1 Identify the goal of your motorcycle cruise-in. Verbalize the goal of your event up front so you can plan properly. Goals can include raising a certain amount of money to support
Schedule, advertise and promote your poker tourney on PokerDIY to make sure it gets some notice. Source(s):
Unless you are a non-profit, you must have a Oregon Gaming license to run money games. Home games are private and not subject to a license. Free poker leagues are everywhere in Portland
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Organizing a motorcycle poker run will be a huge project and will require alot of work and attention to detail. This will involve a large number of people and may be done to raise money for a charity. Read up on other experiences people have had with a similar project before beginning.
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