How to organize your embroidery floss?


For those looking for an easy way to organize embroidery floss, then you should try the bobbin system. All you have to do is take your floss and wind it around plastic bobbins until all of the thread is wrapped around in straight layers which can then be unwound when needed. If you need more information on how to organize these bobbins, the easiest way is to organize them by color. Start at one end of your storage container with your reds, and continue through the rainbow until you get to black at the other end. Now all of your colors will be organized.
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1. First, separate all your floss and thread by type and color. You may find that you have multiple skeins of one color; group all of these together. 2. Decide how you want to label
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DMC floss is a type of thread used in embroidery. To organize it, sort each color by its number identification and store in marked cases. The floss should be wrapped ...
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