How to Paint Camouflage Pattern?


Buy tan and green paints and a couple of sponge brushes. Start by painting the wall with tan and let it dry. Now use the sponge brushes to sponge on greens in a random pattern to create a camouflage effect.
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1. Choose three to five colors for the camouflage. You do not have to stick with the traditional camouflage greens and browns: you could choose pinks, blues, or purples. The paint
1 Find an object to spray paint the digital camouflage on. (Plastic objects work best. Ex.: squirt guns, Airsoft guns, spray paint-friendly surfaces) Ad 2 Check the Things You'll
Camouflage paint patterns are used for concealing solders and their equipment from being detected by the enemy, making them appear to be part and parcel of the natural environmental
Do the lightest color first, then the darker colors easily go over it. Study sample patterns from photos of actual vehicles. Some must be airbrushed, some can be hand painted. Research
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Choose three colors of paint, then draw the outline of the design you want. Paint the lightest color, then the medium, then the darkest color making certain to stay in the lines of the design.
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