How to Paint Candles?


To paint candles, you need to use a paint that is capable of sticking to wax. Elastic acrylic paint is probably good at this. You could also color the candles by means of  pigments such as permanent markers.
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1. Choose candles that you would like to decorate. You can choose any size or shape for this project. White or off white candles work best because the paint shows up better on these
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The larger craft stores carry the paint and supplies that you need for this kind of project. They even sell kits to get you started.
The painting in the TV show LA Ink is of Kat Von D's father.
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1. Lay sheets of newspaper over a table top. This will protect your furniture from accidental paint spills. 2. Paint designs on the outside surface of the glass ...
You can clean candle soot from painted walls by using a wand of a vacuum to suck up soot from the wall. You can also wipe the soot using a soot sponge known as ...
It's actually pretty easy to remove candle wax from painted walls. You can use a blow dryer to melt the wax. As it melts, use a paper towel to blot the liquid ...
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