How to Paint Furniture Black Distressed?


You can paint furniture black and then give it a distressed look. You want to first paint it with a black flat paint. You can then use a sander or sandpaper to give it a distressed look. You can use a gel stain on the areas sanded to give it a finished look.
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1. Lay drop cloths in the area where you plan to spray your piece of furniture so the overspray won't get on the floor, driveway or walls. 2. Remove the hardware or handles from the
It's not always necessary to get rid of old or dated furniture. Sometimes a good sanding and a coat of paint is all a piece needs to bring it back to life. Whether it was a hand-me-down
Garage Sale Saturday has produced a great find – a dresser with great lines. But there are at least 7 layers of paint visible beneath it's scratches and nicks. Can this dresser
= this is a bit tricky to color cover and yet show the grain/distress - in my opinion you would want to use an automobile paint called " acrylic enamel " - what you would
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How to Paint Furniture Black Distressed
Distressing the finish of a piece of wood furniture lends a subtle, well-used look to the piece. The aged effect is often achieved by sanding the corners and edges of the furniture or using hammers and chains to make dents in the wood. Painting a piece... More »
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Like one would paint any other surface such as wooden floors, furniture can be painted with distressed finish. Start by rubbing the furniture with sandpaper to ...
Distress a mirror by adding paint thinner to the back of the mirror. This will thin the silvering of the mirror and cause black spots to occur. This will create ...
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