How do you paint light fixtures?


Cover sockets or any areas with painter's tape to protect it from paint. Sand the fixture so that paint will easily adhere. For more, visit:
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1. Turn off the power supply to the exterior lights at the fuse box. 2. Remove the screws from the mounting plate of the exterior light fixture. This will enable you to take the light
1 Turn off the power to the light fixture at the circuit breaker. Ad 2 Use the tip of a sharp utility knife to score the surface of the paint. 3 Make a criss-cross pattern in the
1. Clean out the interior of the antlers. Wash it with oil soap and water. Use a pipe cleaning brush to eliminate any dirt, grime or other organic matter. Once you have cleaned the
1. Turn the power off at the breaker panel. Make sure that the light is off. 2. Locate the fixture nuts on the existing fixture and remove by screwing them counter-clockwise. Pull
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How to Paint Light Fixtures
Sometimes you just get tired of the same old lighting and the same old colors of the lighting fixtures. Replacing the fixtures can be expensive, so you want to find a way to make a change without breaking the bank. What about painting the light fixtures?... More »
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