How to Paint on Masonite?


Painting on Masonite has become quite popular. One can opt to buy pre-prepared Masonite. However, if one cannot avail of these, one must first prime these boards. This would involve sanding and applying gesso on the Masonite. Acrylic paints can be used to paint on this substrate.
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Things You'll Need. Drop cloths. Painter's tape. Paint scraper. Sandpaper. Caulk. Paint tray. Water-repellent preservative. Roller. Painter's pole. Paintbrush. Acrylic latex primer.
Approximately 250 sq. feet.
Get rid of it and get a glass one...! Then get a glass scraper at the hardware store. PS The glass scraper might work on your masonite
1 Masonite die working side is facing downward. The sheet metal shown is galvanized. Visualize the process: draw an outline of the simple design/shape you wish on the surface of the
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How to Paint on Masonite
Masonite is a proprietary pressed-wood product, made by Masonite International Corp., that is made from wood chips that have been reconstituted under pressure with resin. It comes in exterior and interior grades and is commonly used as siding. Painting... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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