How to Paint on Masonite?


Painting on Masonite has become quite popular. One can opt to buy pre-prepared Masonite. However, if one cannot avail of these, one must first prime these boards. This would involve sanding and applying gesso on the Masonite. Acrylic paints can be used to paint on this substrate.
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1. Install the masonite before painting and then go over the surface, looking for holes and blemishes. Fill these in with wood filler and let dry. 2. Wrap sandpaper around sanding
Approximately 250 sq. feet.
The thickness of the Masonite depends on the height and width of the work. Small peices are fine on 1/8 inch but if you go over 12 inches in height or width you will need either thicker
Use a paint removal solution to remove paint from bricks. Once the solution has dried, use a bristle brush to remove excess paint. Wash area with water. Look here for more information
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How to Paint on Masonite
Masonite is a proprietary pressed-wood product, made by Masonite International Corp., that is made from wood chips that have been reconstituted under pressure with resin. It comes in exterior and interior grades and is commonly used as siding. Painting... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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