How to Paint Plaster Crafts?


You will need to buy acrylic paints and you can even mix your own colors. Paint and let dry, you don't need to fire them in a kiln.
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1. Apply for a sales-tax license. Visit the state website for easy instructions for filing online. Do not pay a fee for this license, it is free as is filing. Visit the state treasurer's
About two days depending on the depth of the base coat and finish coat. Also is the this going on brick or masonry that is exposed to the outside? or lath with an air path behind
1. Print out or draw the lettering or design you want to appear on your sign. Make sure that the image is printed out backwards. Tape the image onto the back of the craft foil or
1. Encourage good adhesion by wiping down the wooden craft cutout with a sticky tack cloth. 2. Spread a thick canvas drop cloth out on a table or floor in a well-ventilated area.
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