How to Paint Zebra Stripes on Wall?


In order to know how to paint zebra stripes on wall, one can turn to manuals on painting. But it is rather simple. All you need is white and black paint. Then just have shapes stickered to the wall to form the stripes, then just fill in properly on a white background.
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1. Clean the walls with the wall cleaner and sponge. Remove all dirt, residue and dust. 2. Patch any nail holes or nicks in the walls with the spackling. Sand the spackling smooth
1. Choose the type of pattern you want to create. Stripes can be thick or thin, horizontal or vertical, or patterned in various ways. Ad. 2. Tape your walls for perfection. Taping
Either use a wallpaper:…. Or a stencil:….
first, buy white and black nail polish, then start off with a black line, then white line, then black line, then white line, etc. Actually. i am a nail polish lover and that advice
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How to Paint Zebra Stripes on a Wall
Painting zebra stripes on a wall or a whole room is a fun way to spice up the decor. The room can be decorated in a safari theme, entirely in black and white, or the stripes can be painted a color other than black.... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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