How to Paint Zebra Stripes on Wall?


In order to know how to paint zebra stripes on wall, one can turn to manuals on painting. But it is rather simple. All you need is white and black paint. Then just have shapes stickered to the wall to form the stripes, then just fill in properly on a white background.
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The wall must be completely clean before painting; otherwise, dust and debris currently on it will stick in the paint, leaving behind blobs and irregularities in the paint texture
1 Using a tape measure, measure the length of your wall . 2 Cut or rip off pieces of blue painter's tape . Make sure the tape is as long as the wall, or as long as you want it to
paint the whole wall white. Then rip strips of paper so they are uneven and jagged like a zebra stripe. Attach to the wall and paint the different colors. Let dry and peel off the
Prime the wall white, then measure out the stripes and tape them. Paint the
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How to Paint Zebra Stripes on a Wall
Instead of plain walls or basic stripes, opt for the unusual by painting zebra stripes that add a playful, wild touch to the room's decor. Go for classic black and white or black and tan zebra striping, or create your own color combinations such as white... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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