How to Pan for Gold?


To pan for gold you will need to know roughly where the gold is. Once you know that put a few handfuls of dirt and debris from the river or stream into your pan and submerse the pan in water. Then swirl it around gently so that the lighter materials will be carried away by the water, and any gold will stay in the pan. Continue this until the only thing left in the pan is gold. For more information look here:;
Q&A Related to "How to Pan for Gold?"
1. Buy a gold pan from a mining supply store. In California's gold country, hardware stores often carry them. Look for one that has riffles - bars or slats - and a catch hole in the
1. Go to a stream or river where you have heard gold has been found. Whether there is a family spot, you’ve heard legends about a certain stream, or you just have a hunch, there
nobody knows who invented the gold pan.
A trip to the historic Castle McCulloch Gold Mill is a must for all those interested in NC
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