How to Paralyze Using Pressure Points?


The pressure points located in the middle of the shoulders are used to paralyze a person. The points are struck quickly and held in place in order to stop the flow of blood.
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Answer Strike the points in the middle of the shoulders, with a good timing and strength you can leave a person incapable to move an arm for a while. There is a very soft cluster
1. Relieve a headache with three pressure points on the head. The middle pressure point on top of the head is in a hollow area in the center. There are two pressure point about an
Strike the points in the middle of the shoulders, with a
You aim for the pressure points, and strike them. If you want specifics, then you should find somebody who studies a martial art that emphasizes this technique. I believe there is
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How to Paralyze Using Pressure Points is by putting intense pressure on certain points of the body. These pressure points are located in the neck, inside of the elbow, the wrists, and inside the knees. Police officers often use this tactic.
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