How to Pass a Drug Test If You Smoke Weed?


If you smoke weed, it can be very stressful to try and pass a drug test. There are, however, some options on how to pass. Knowing when you actually take the test is important. In the weeks leading up to the test, you should drink a lot of water, maybe twice as much as usual. This will help to clear the THC out of your system. Be sure to quit smoking during the weeks before the test, as well.
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The best way to pass a drug test, if you smoke weed, is to take water pills, and drink lots of cranberry juice, water, and green tea. It's not likely that it will work, depending on how quickly you have to take the test, but it's worth a try.
In order to pass a drug test if you smoke weed, you will need to exercise frequently. This will enable you to perspire and excrete the wastes from your system.
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31 to 45 days.
Not medical advice. There is no proven way to pass a drug test other than to just not take any drugs. Weed can stay in your system for 3-30 days.
The only way to pass a drug test is to actually be sober and clean from drug use for several weeks. All of the quick fixes are tricks that don't work and should be avoided.
Drinking water and juices WOULD NOT HELP! the drug test shows for the past 6 months weather your smoking or not it shows everything and there is no way you can get it out of your
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In my opinion, your best bet when it comes to passing a drug test for weed is not to smoke weed. Something your friends won't tell you is that marijuana is fat ...
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The only true way to pass it is with time. Most say about thirty days. Be careful of products that claim to remove it. To be sure that it is gone, you can get ...
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