How to Pass a Polygraph Test?


The easiest and only proven way to pass a polygraph test is to tell the truth. A polygraph test rates your different reactions to questions. Body reactions are often hard to control.
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1. Submit to the polygraph as if it were nothing more than a standard interview. Refrain from taking any medication, drugs (prescription or illicit) or alcohol before the exam, as
The dirty little secret behind the polygraph is that the "test" depends on trickery, not
The key to “passing” a polygraph “test”—that is, to producing a “truthful” chart—is to produce stronger physiological responses when
Ever wonder what it takes to pass a polygraph test? This article provides a few hints that will help you pass a lie detector test with ease. Step 1 Learn the basics. A polygraph test
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Unfortunately, there is no way that you can pass a polygraph test without being trained to do so. You could fool polygraph tests results by having an excellent command over your emotions. You can also clench your muscles in order to fool the tests.
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