How to Pass a Radon Test?


There are simple ways to pass a radon test of your home. First, make sure that their sump pump has no holes in it. Next, one should caulk any cracks between the concrete floor and the basement walls. Finally, one should allow the basement to air out once in a while.
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1. There are four basic kinds of radon tests. A short-term radon test will show you the radon level in your home in 90 days or less, while a long-term radon test will require at least
Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. It is a deadly, radioactive gas. If you cheat a radon test, you're choosing to get sick! Besides, fixing a radon problem is easy.
1. Research radon testing. Find out which homes and buildings are most at risk, what types of testing kits there are, and how to use them. According to the United States Environmental
A radon test is for your home or office, not for you personally. They test to see if Radon (an element) exists in your property Radon is an invisible, radioactive atomic gas that
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How to Pass a Radon Test
If you are suspicious of radon in your area you can have a company to come to your home and test for it or you can purchase a do-it-yourself tester. It is important these tests meet EPA requirements. Along with sealing cracks in the foundation and... More »
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