How to Pass a State Law?


To get a state law passed you first must get a state legislator to introduce it as a bill to the assembly or senate. Then you need to lobby the committee to recommend it. Then you need to lobby the whole voting body to pass it. After that the governor has to sign it, so lobbying him or her is the last step. You can find more information here:
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In order to create a state bill, you need to get your local senator interested in your proposal. Then, the senator would write the bill and propose it to the state legislature. The
1. First you must know who your congressman is and you must know how to ou contact him; a few clicks of the mouse and you should be able to find him. Once you contact him make sure
An idea for a law can come from anyone; an individual or group of citizens, a legislator
Predictably, cops think it sucks. Very few people whose homes or businesses are the targets of search warrants agree that their cribs should be searched. Many of them will assume
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A bill is written, heard and passed on to a number of committees. It travels more than Fed Ex. It is a very problematic process that you need to investigate. For more information see here: ;
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