How to Pass Gas after Surgery?


Passing gas can be very difficult and painful after surgery.  It can be done both naturally or through use of medication.  If it cannot be passed naturally, one should contact their doctor before using any type of medication.
Q&A Related to "How to Pass Gas after Surgery?"
1. Hold the gas in if you are in public and passing gas would be noticed. Holding gas in is not dangerous, although it can cause some discomfort. If you do not allow the gas to pass
1. Eat slowly following gastric bypass surgery until you become used to your reduced stomach capacity. If you eat at your normal pace you are likely to overfill your stomach needlessly
1. Obtain any information prior to being discharged from the hospital facility on the proper ways to bathe after open shoulder surgery. 2. Do not bathe at all the first 24 hours after
1. Consult with your doctor or attending surgeon to discuss a proper timetable for resuming your daily intake of fish oil following surgery. Understand that you may need to abstain
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