How do I pass a predictive index test?


In order to pass a predictive index test, the employee has to prove that they are decisive, comfortable speaking about themselves and friendly in the work environment. Avoiding strong answers and sticking with neutral options results in a lower score.

Predictive index tests are a modern way for employers to pick out the strongest potential employees. Since online applications can be easy to falsify and there is no personal attachment or indication of personality (as in handwriting), employers need to see what skills you truly possess. This test utilizes different statements to measure your personality. The process looks for people who seem adaptive and useful in a given workspace.

Many of these statements ask you if you often feel angry or frustrated when working with people. In order to get a good score, it is better to give answers that indicate that you are flexible and friendly. Try to show yourself as a very helpful and outgoing person that is comfortable with others. These qualities help testers to come off as a more desirable employee and stand out from people who answer the questions uncertainly.

Avoiding submitting repetitive answers in an predictive index text, as many of the machines sort out repetitive patterns.

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