How to Pass the Mmpi?


Although this test is widely argued to it's validity some high level employers still use it. In most cases if you answer the questions as a 'normal' person would then you will pass and that is what this test is all about, what individuals perceive as normal based on true or false questions. But, what is normal? Check out this link for more information.
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Try studying for it by reading through the sample questions beforehand. There are a lot of study guides available online at or
1. Answer each statement as true or false. The MMPI presents statements in first person voice, "I often feel sick in the morning. Repeat this statement to yourself and determine
The MMPI is not a pass/fail test in the sense of solving math problems are knowing the economic causes of the Deptression or which battles Napoleon won. It asks forced choice questions
1. Change your diet. Dietary sugars, especially sorbitol, lactose and fructose, can contribute to flatulence. Limit foods that contain these ingredients, such as milk and artificial
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Passing the MMPI exam is similar to passing any other exam, you need to prepare for the exam using a good exam prep guide, get lots of sleep the night before the exam, and then simply do your best on the test.
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