How to Patton a Product?


To patent a product you will need to check for an existing patent first. The most important part of patenting a product is by giving a detailed description of the product. Check this site for more detailed information on how to patent a product. To find the forms to file a patent visit this website.
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To patent a product you first need to make sure it doesn't already exist, and that it fits into the areas of novelty, something non-obvious, and utility. After that, you would apply for a provisional patent to protect your patent from being taken and after filing, you must apply for a regular patent within a year.
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First you need to be realistic about this. About one out of ten ideas will be given a patent and about one out of ten patents will ever make any money for their owners. So right now
NOLO is a great, free informational site. Also, be sure to read what the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office) has to say about patents.
Assess how your product will be classified in each target country. Identify the specific Regulatory Standards that your product must meet. Identify the specific Industry Standards
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