How to Peak and Tune a CB Radio?


You will have to have some knowledge in working or doing repair on cb radios. You best bet is to have a owner's manual for the cb radio before you tune the device. You get geto more information here.
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To Peak and Tune a CB radio, you will need a CB Radio SWR Meter. Make sure you are a far from buildings and power sources as possible, then connect the SWR to the CB and go to channel 1, then set it on SET. Key the mic and adjust the SWR until the needle reaches the highest point. Next set the meter on REF and write down the numbers. Use the reference point to tune your other channels. For more information look here: Tips to Peak And Tune a CB Radio;
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1. Buy or borrow a standing wave ratio (SWR) meter and a coaxial jumper cable. You should be able to buy them for less than $20. 2. Drive your vehicle to a large open area, away from
Without an SWR meter, that may be rather difficult. Many cbs now require the use of a meter to properly tune your radio to the SWRs. On my old Cobra 29LTD all you had to do is balance
1 Park the vehicle as far away from buildings and power lines as possible, and keep the doors, hood, and trunk closed tight. Instruct those around the car to step back at least ten
Unless you know how a transceiver circuit works then you will totally screw it up by adjusting the coils in the circuits. In order to peak a CB (newer CB's can not be peaked as they
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