How to Peel a Pomegranate?


To peel a pomegranate cut off the top, you will see the seeds, also called arils. Peel the skin away from the arils by using your fingernails. Pull to break the pomegranate into sections; this allows you to remove the arils. Save the seeds (arils) in
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How to Peel a Pomegranate
Peeling a pomegranate involves first cutting the fruit in half, submerging it in a bowl of water, gently popping out all of the edible seeds and straining the water to separate the seeds out. Gather pomegranate seeds to enjoy plain or in a salad with... More »
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1. Place your pomegranate onto a double sheet of paper towels before cutting. Pomegranate juice is cranberry colored and stains very easily. 2. Cut off and discard the top stem that
How to peel a pomegranate. To peel a pomegranate, first cut off the crown and gently scoop out some of the center core without disturbing the seeds. With a sharp knife, score just
Because it is not food. It's kinda like how you can't eat most wood.'t_you_eat_pomegr...
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The act of peeling a pomegranate involves removing its outer covering. To peel it, you should slice both the top and the bottom of the fruit, and then you place ...
To peel a pomegranate, scratch the surface of the fruit and then dip the fruit in freezing water and leave it for a while. Break the fruit apart while in water ...
To peel a pomegranate, first of all cut off the crown and cut it into half. You can then put it in a big bowl and peel away the seed from the skin and the white ...
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