How to Perform a Baptism?


A baptism is performed by totally immersing a person in water. This immersion can be done in a pool, a pond and even in a bathtub. The baptizing must be a complete covering of the person with water. For more information look here:;
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1. Find an area in the home that is suitable for the baptism. Most adults are too large to be emerged into a bathroom, and there is not enough room to share the moment with others
The original and full type of baptism was immersion. This is also the meaning of the Greek word "baptisma" that gives us our English word. Immersion was the form of baptism
Usually, a baptism is performed by priests, but any Christian who has already received
First of all, be sure that you are getting the *traditional* Catholic Faith, not the New Order religion that poses for it in many churches that call themselves Catholic. To answer
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A Baptism is performed by an authorized. To perform a Baptist at home you need to locate a suitable site then select a priest that will do the task after which ...
In the Greek Orthodox Church, baptism usually takes place when a person is still a child. To get detailed information on how the baptism of a child takes place ...
Baptism is a ceremony of initiation and purification, which is performed with in through submersion of the body. The word baptism comes from the Greek word baptein ...
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