How do you perform a megger test?


A megger test is used to look at the insulation properties of motor windings, electric wiring, high power antenna mounts, and other similar items. The voltages are a lot higher than they are with a normal Volt-ohm meter. You will turn the device off and connect it to a source of power. The circuit breaker being testing should be closed and then disconnect the line-side circuit. Connect the output terminals and turn on the test set. Get the desired current and make any necessary adjustments. Then, you will hit the 'start' button and get your readings.
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An insulation test is not performed. on. a megger, but. using. a megger.
1. Flip the breaker off for the circuit you will be working on and tape the breaker shut with red warning tape. This ensures that no one will turn the breaker on while you are working
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If you want to know how to perform a Megger test, know that this name brand has been around for over 100 years. The test equipment is super reliable. The item you will need is the Megger Model test set. You can find more information at
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