How to Phonetically Spell Your Name?


To phonetically spell your name means to use the sounds of letters instead of the actual letters that spell the name. For instance the name Denise might be phonetically spelled danees or the name Alice might be heard as ales.
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There are many sites online that will help you phonetically spell your name. If your name is 'Dave' you can phonetically spell it by saying 'D' as in 'Delta,' 'A' as in 'Alfa,' 'V' as in 'Victor,' and 'E' as in 'Echo.'
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Phonetic name spellings are becoming more common, but they are also a 'trend' and won't likely last. It's more fun to guess how to pronounce some of the odder ...
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Names phonetically spelled simply means that you are sounding out the letters. Mississippi's phonetic alphabet is Mih-sih-sih-pee. Each letter of the alphabetic ...
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