How to Pick a Barrel Lock?


If you don't have a key to unlock your Barrel and need to open it. How to pick a barrel lock can be done with a pin. You need a certain tip of pin that will line up with the groves in the barrel so that you can open the Barrel. You will need a seven or eight pin.
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To pick a barrel lock you need a tension wrench. Place it into the lower portion of the keyhole. You will then need to start turning it until you feel tension. If you do start turning it the other way. Apply light torque to the tension wrench in the correct direction and then hold it. Insert the pick into the upper part of the keyhole and feel the pins. Next push the pin until it sets. Continue applying the torque and repeat the steps for the remaining pins.
Ok, I hope that you are needing to pick this barrel lock because you lost your keys. You can pick up a lock kit that will have a tool in it that can help you out. This will have a tool that looks like the letter J. You can find more info at:
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There are many ways to pick a lock. If there is a lock that needs picking you should probably call a locksmith, they will be the people to help you.
1. Place a piece of masking tape over the lock. Press it down firmly, so you can see the small circular area in the center of the barrel. The masking tape will minimize residue from
Picking a door lock can be done, but it's best to always have a spare key made beforehand. Find a safe place to keep your spare key that is accessible but NOT on your regular keyring
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