How do you pick a middle name?


Making sure a baby's middle name flows with the first name is important. Saying the first and middle name aloud helps ensure that the two names are in sync. Keeping in mind the initials of the full name is another thing to consider when choosing a middle name.

Honoring a family member with a middle name is a good option. Picking the name of a grandparent is a way of passing down names. Using a maiden name also honors the mother's side of the family.

Being a bit wild and creative with the middle name is another approach, especially since a person does not have to share the middle name often. Trendy names work as well. However, parents can pair a trendy or off-beat name with a more traditional one, such as James. Parents can also choose two names and allow the child to decide the more suitable name. It is important to remember that the child may want to go by that name someday, so parents may not want to go too overboard with name creativity. Using the name of the father is another idea, but using a different middle name gives the child more individuality.

Picking a middle name according to personality is another way to get creative with names. Since the baby is not old enough to exhibit a personality, parents can choose a middle name based on character traits they wish to see in their child.

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