How to Pick a Middle Name?


To pick a middle name you should start with the flow of the first and last name you have already picked out to see if the middle name goes with the two. Also, you may want to consider what the initials will be. Another way to pick a name might include honoring a special relative by giving your child their name as a middle name.
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1. List names that you had considered for first names but eventually decided against. A name that didn't seem right for a first name might end up being perfect as a middle name. 2
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Middle names are usually given after one of the grandparents of the child, but some people do not even have a middle name. A middle name is usually a shorter name ...
Mr Hooks middle name was Taylor. He is responsible for finding the frequency of middle C and is written to have been a contemporary of Issac Newton. ...
Middle names have many associations of what they mean and where they came from. The meaning of your middle name depends on what your name is. To look up the meaning ...
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