How do you pick a Sentry safe lock?


The easiest way to open a sentry safe without the key is to record the serial number and order a replacement. If you need to get something out of it right away then you might want to know how to pick the lock on your sentry safe. You can use a straightened paper clip or a bobby pin. Stick the paperclip into the lock and push back as far as it will go and turn the paperclip to open.
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1. Place the safe on a flat surface. Place half the tweezer in the bottom part of the key hole and the straighten paper clip in the upper part. 2. Wiggle the tweezer and paper clip
There is no guaranteed way to pick a lock. Need a locksmith? Give us your locat
Consider carrying a plastic card in your wallet that you don't mind damaging. The spare "member card" from your grocery store is a good candidate for this purpose. Take
1. Bend the first safety pin into a straight line and file down the sharp point. A sharp point doesn't help you to pick a lock. Filing it limits the amount of pricks on the finger
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