How to Pierce Your Cartilage Yourself?


To pierce your cartilage yourself, follow these simple instructions, sterilize your ear and equipment, clean your ear with antibacterial soap, use a non-toxic marker and mark the place where you want the piercing, take the needle and pop it through the first layer of skin, tilt the needle and pop it the rest of the way through, have the jewelry ready, and put it in the back of the hollow needle, pull the needle out of your ear, the finally you can wash with a sterile saline solution twice a day.
Q&A Related to "How to Pierce Your Cartilage Yourself?"
Hi Catrina! I really don't think that you should pierce your own cartilage because your ear could get badly infected and you could end up with something bad like mushroom ear. It
1 Sterilize your ear and equipment . Using an autoclave is the only way to have absolutely sterile materials. You must know how to set up a sterile field to work in, and be able to
1. Clean your cartilage piercing at least once a day before you go to bed. Many people find it easiest to clean the piercing while showering. 2. Wash your hands and wet the piercing
To pierce your ear without pain, you should rub ice
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