How do you pierce your eyebrow yourself?


It is never recommended for someone to pierce themselves unless they are a trained professional with the proper equipment and tools, as recommended by Piercing in general comes with the risk of infection, scarring and disease if done improperly or without clean equipment.

Piercing yourself is much more difficult than having a professional do it for you. While it may cost less in the short run, infection may occur which can be expensive in medical costs. There are, however, some things you can do to lower the risk if you do decide to pierce yourself.

The recommended size for jewelry of this purpose is 16-12 gauge. Remember that a 12 gauge is bigger around than a 16 gauge; the lower the number, the greater the circumference. A curved barbell is best suited for this purpose as it is harder to irritate the wound by moving the jewelry.

Keep in mind that the piercing can migrate – or move – if the piercing is not deep enough or if the jewelry is too heavy. Always use a smaller gauge for facial piercings, at least initially. Allow any piercing to heal for six to eight weeks before changing the jewelry.

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