How to Pierce Your Eyebrow Yourself?


Even if you do know how to pierce your eyebrow yourself, it is not advisable. There is risk or incorrect piercing which could lead to damage of the tissue around the eye. Infection could occur as well. However, if determined to pierce an eyebrow yourself, here are a few tips. Use a sharp and sterilized needle. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Mark the location for the piercing and number with ice. Pull the skin out, push the needle through. Insert an eye ring.
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Buy a piercing kit. You may be able to purchase one at your local body piercing shop. You can also order eyebrow piercing kits online (see Resources). Buy a circular barbell if one
To pierce your own eyebrow: 1. Use a 14" gauge sterilized piercing needle.
1. Purchase a retainer. A piercing retainer (also known as a 'sleeper' are clear barbells. You can find a piercing retainer at any place that sells body jewelry (your piercing parlor
Not Medical Advice: To pierce eyebrows - Find the appropriate piercing needle to use. Determine the area you will be piercing. Sterilize the needle with More?
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