How to Pierce Your Nose Yourself?


There are a few different ways one can pierce their own nose. The safest way would be to buy a self-piercing gun from a department store. These are easy to use. Align the device to the location on your nose where you desire the piercing and go for it. There will be some minor pain but it is not too bad. Afterwards be sure to keep the area clean but don't touch it too much as it may be tender.
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that's kinda dumb. i got my nose piercing at a tattoo n piercing place n mine still got infected. it kills. & if you wanna do that as a profession go to school for it.
1. Select a "faux" nose stud designed to work with a special adhesive. 2. Apply the adhesive to the back of the stud. 3. Select the position on your nose where you want
Professional piercings ensure safe, clean tools, and proper
1. Get after care piercing lotion, or get a bowl of warm water and a cotton bud. Ad. 2. Put some warm boiled water or after care lotion onto one side of the cotton bud. 3. Put your
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Being able to pierce your nose yourself, and do a good job is actually rather rare. However, if you choose to do it yourself, you will need to obtain latex gloves, and a piercing gun. You can find more info at:
Unfortunately it would not be best for you to pierce your nose yourself. This is something that should be done by a professional only, to avoid any kind of harm to yourself.
You need to have a friend help you pierce your nose. Piercing it yourself would be difficult. Make sure that you purchase the sterilized piercing needle you will need for your nose.
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