How to Pierce Your Own Belly Button without a Kit?


To pierce your own belly button without a kit you will need a large needle. Sterilize the needle and your belly button area. Wear gloves. Use ice to numb the area. Mark the area you want to go into and the place you want the needle to come out of. Take a breath and insert the needle. Remove the needle and replace it with jewelery.
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Wash your hands and put rubber gloves on. This is to ensure the piercing does not get infected. 4Cleanse the needle with rubbing alcohol or an alcohol pad to make sure there is no
If you are going to pierce anything on your own
1. Gather the correct equipment. Using the correct equipment for piercing your belly button is essential. Otherwise, the piercing could go badly wrong or result in a nasty infection
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After you get your belly button pierced, you should wait at least a month before you try to go swimming in a pool, lake, or the ocean. Even after that amount of ...
At the age of 16, you can get your bellybutton pierced but only if you have parental consent. It is important to ensure that you get the piercing by a professional ...
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