How to Place Ekg Leads?


Placing EKG leads in the correct position is very easy. The first thing you want to do is make sure that the person does not have a lot of lotion on. The leads will not stick if they do. If you are performing one on a man you may need to shave his chest in order to ensure that the leads stick. The first lead V1 will go just under the left breast almost to the center of the chest. The next one V2 will go directly across from it on the left side. Place V4 mid clavicular and on the 5th intercostal space. V6 will go mid axillary line and the horizontal with V4. V5 will go between V4 and V6. The last lead V3 between V2 and V4. The placement of the leads is very simple. You only have to do it a few times to remember where they go. It is very simple placements and there is nothing hard about it. You can find more information here:
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To place EKG leads, you will need to be familiar with the ribcage and you will need to use a razor to remove all hair from the area of the lead placement. A 12 lead EKG is standard. You can find more information here:
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1. Prepare the chest. EKG patches must be in complete contact with the skin for the heart monitor to analyze heart rhythm accurately. Remove any clothing from the chest, exposing
1 Explain the procedure to the subject and make him or her feel comfortable. Ad 2 Remove any hair. You need to remove any hair from the subjects mid chest line (approximately 1 inch
10 electrodes 12 leads.... thats because a few electrodes produce axis between 2 electrodes giving a kind of cross section view of the
Some of the EKG will be moved to their
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1. Identify the areas where the EKG leads are to be placed. One lead is placed on the right pectoral muscle just below the clavicle, another between the left shoulder ...
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