How to Plan a Filipino Debut?


In order to plan a successful filipino debut you will need to find a available venue. Also you need to find a catering service that will be willing to deliver filipino foods to your debut. You can find more information here:
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In planning a filipino debut you have to consider the gown of the debutant, the catering that will provide the food, the preparation of the venue, invitations for the guests and the role of the participants.
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For me, it would depend on the venue. The more formal the venue, the more formal the dress. If you are unsure then you can wear a semi-formal attire. preferably of a non-eye sore
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The Philippine Debut is a cultural tradition of the Filipino people. It is a coming-of-age celebration for Philippine women that are somewhat reminiscent of the ...
The history of the Filipino debuts was that it was copied from Hispanic tradition. Originally, the debuts were featured in Mexico and in Spain. They were a kind ...
The Philippine Debut is truly a custom that spans back from the Spanish era. It is reminiscent of the 'Quinceanera' festivity of the Spaniards, which a young lady ...
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