How do you plan a romantic night for your husband?


To plan a romantic night for your husband the first thing is to relax him with a drink that he likes, followed by a delicious meal that should include aphrodisiac foods, such as oysters, strawberries, chocolate. Don't eat too much. Slip into some revealing satiny nightwear and have him do the same. Serve an after-dinner cognac or brandy, light some candles, exchange affectionate touches and have a prepared bed on the ready.
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1. Pick a date for your date. If you and your husband are very busy people, you may need to sit down and figure out a time when you are both available. Pick a day and time for your
1 Decide where to go. Where do you want to be on your wedding night? If you want to be somewhere tropical, make sure the flight is booked. Make sure any hotels or places to stay are
I know that for my husband and myself a romantic night would be just to be alone together. Nothing fancy just the two of us. I would simply just lay with him all day in bed if I could
It is important to keep the romance in your marriage. Often, a couple gets bogged down with the business of life and let the pleasures of life go by the wayside. Romance is saved
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How to Plan a Romantic Night With a Husband
Remember those days when you and your husband were just dating? So much thought was put into where you would go, what you would do and what you would wear. Once a couple is married, dates may occur less and less frequently. Between the kids, work and... More »
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