How to Plan a Successful Slumber Party.?


1. Invite six guests tops, and even numbers whenever possible so there's never an odd boy or girl out. Skip sleepovers for kids under age six to increase the odds that you'll be snoozing at midnight instead of placing a phone call for a homesick
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1 Get permission from your parents 1st priority . You don't want your parents looking surprised when a bunch of girls show up at your house. 2 Choose a theme e .g. Movie Night, Crazy
Here are some things me and my friends always do: truth or dare, would you rather, gossip, talk about boys, tell secrets, make up funny stories, tell funny stories, do some crazy
The age of 16 for a teenage girl is the time for blossoming out as she prepares for maturity. Naturally, sweet 16 parties are memorable for any 16 year old. You yourself a
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Slumber party planning should probably include planning food and snack items for the party, planning sleeping arrangements for the guests at the party, and planning ...
To plan games for a slumber party, keep fun in mind. Play Truth or Dare or Pictionary. Scrabble is also fun. ...
1. Be aware of the laws in your state regarding alcohol consumption. Currently, all U.S. states adhere to the 21 minimum drinking age law. If you wish to learn ...
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