How to Plan an Exhibition?


An exhibition is a structured presentation and show of a selection of items. Exhibitions typically occur within museums, galleries and exhibition halls and World's Fairs. When planning an exhibition the first thing is to assemble a team of people who have the necessary skills and experience. These people should all be great team players, who can work responsibly and on their own initiative, whilst also carrying other people's interests at heart. The next step is to appoint an exhibition coordinator. This role requires a great amount of responsibility, as most of the executive decisions will come down to the coordinator's discretion. An exhibition coordinator should have good organisational skills, is a good communicator of ideas, has a great eye for detail and can function well under stressful situations. An exhibition budget must be prepared through a considerate process involving the sponsor, planning committee and coordinator. Next choose an exhibition venue that is suitable. This must be arranged early in the planning process in order to avoid any last minute disappointments. Publicity is of chief importance in the planning of an exhibition. Make use of as many channels as are available to you. The internet is a very influential marketing tool, and should be used to its maximum.
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