How To Plant A Peach Pit?


Depending on what part of the country the peach pit is being planted with determine how to do it. If it is being planted in the northern 2/3 of the country a pottery shard needs to be placed over the drainage hole of a container filled with soil. Hollow out the center of the container 3 inches deep, place the pit and cover back up. Place outside and water, make sure to keep the seed moist. If done in the southern part of the country clean the pit and place in a plastic bag. Place the bag open in the refrigerator until fall. Plant outside under 5 inches of soil. The tree should be seen by July.
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1. Remove the pit from a recently-eaten peach and wash the fruit off of it. Lay it out to dry overnight. For best results, do this with at least four or five peach pits to make sure
Idoesnt matter, as gravity will turn the roots down and the shoots up regardless.
Here is a comprehensive guide for Peach Planting within the State
1. Purchase a young peach tree at a nursery or tree farm. Look for one with green, lush leaves and healthy, full branches. Ad. 2. Select an area for planting a peach tree. Look for
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To plant a peach pit you should plant the pit during the winter or late fall. Place the pit in a bag of soil and place it in a drawer in the refrigerator. Once the pit sprouts plant it 2 or 3 inches deep in a flower pot. Allow the pit to grow. Once the tree grows a foot or more transplant the tree outside and plant it. By placing the pit in the refrigerator to sprout you will winterize it to be able to survive the up coming winter after it is planted outside.
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