How to Plaster a Brick Wall?


To prepare a brick wall, first prepare the surface of the brick and mix the stucco for your scratch coat. Wet your wall for stronger bonding to occur and apply the scratch coat. After applying, allow the coat to dry completely then moisten the stucco 6 to 12 hours. Finally, mix the final layer and apply then allow it to dry.
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1. Sweep the brick wall with a bench brush. Clean the bricks and mortar with a damp sponge to remove any debris or dust. 2. Put on a pair of protective gloves and mix one part masonry
1 Scrub the surface of the plaster with a damp brush. If you have a textured pattern on your walls, make sure you use a soft-bristled brush. Ad 2 Dampen a soft cloth and rub the wall
1. Repair cracks and holes in plaster, if applicable, and remove nails, outlet covers and switch covers. Use masking tape to cover the electrical boxes beneath these covers to keep
1. Use a can opener or bottle opener to remove the damp plaster. Undercut the damp area a little so that you have removed some of the dry plaster as well. If there is an issue with
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How to Plaster Brick Walls
A lot of people have that one (or more) unsightly brick wall they just don't know what to do with. Maybe it's an interior wall, the one behind a fireplace, or a brick wall separating your house from your side yard. One thing you could do is plaster, or... More »
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Before applying the plaster, ensure that the wall is smooth such that there is no interference of debris tiny particles of dust. Use a shop vac to remove anything that is on the surface. Wet the brick prior to the application of the plaster on both interior and exterior walls. Apply the plaster in a smooth layer over the brick wall and let it dry before applying a second coating which should be thinner than the first layer. Once it has dried, add a finish and water trowel to ensure water resistance.
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