How to Plaster a Brick Wall?


To prepare a brick wall, first prepare the surface of the brick and mix the stucco for your scratch coat. Wet your wall for stronger bonding to occur and apply the scratch coat. After applying, allow the coat to dry completely then moisten the stucco 6 to 12 hours. Finally, mix the final layer and apply then allow it to dry.
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1. Prepare the surface of the brick. If the brick is relatively new, this means simply making sure the surface is clean and free of dirt and dust. For older, damaged brick and mortar
The bricks should be wetted so the bricks do not suck the moisture out of the plaster and allow it to dry to fast and then flake off.
1. Place a soft bristled attachment onto the hose extension of your vacuum cleaner. The soft bristles help to create a seal between the rough textured wall and the vacuum cleaner
1. Scrape off any loose plaster near the crack with a plastic wall scraper. 2. Place adhesive fiberglass mesh tape over the crack. Ensure that the tape completely covers the crack
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Before applying the plaster, ensure that the wall is smooth such that there is no interference of debris tiny particles of dust. Use a shop vac to remove anything that is on the surface. Wet the brick prior to the application of the plaster on both interior and exterior walls. Apply the plaster in a smooth layer over the brick wall and let it dry before applying a second coating which should be thinner than the first layer. Once it has dried, add a finish and water trowel to ensure water resistance.
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