How do you play a ram file?


To play RAM files on windows media player, just right click on the file, choose Open with and click windows media player: it should start playing. If you do not have windows media player, download and install RealPlayer: Open Windows Explorer or Finder for Mac users: locate the RAM file and double-click to open it in RealPlayer.
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1. Download and install RealPlayer. 2. Open Windows Explorer (or Finder for Mac users) and locate the RAM file. 3. Double-click the RAM file to open it in RealPlayer.
Knowing how to play RAR files is a necessity for all computer users who want to enjoy video, music or media files encoded in the RAR compression format. The RAR format enables extensive
Using Real Player or Real Alternative.
1. Launch your browser. 2. Visit the page that contains the Media Player file. 3. Double-click on the link, the image of the video or the large arrow below the video. The video file
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How to Play a RAM File
RAM files are Real Audio Media files designed to be played by RealPlayer. Real Networks, Inc., uses proprietary technology to encode RAM files, so the RealPlayer application is the only viable option for viewing these types of video files.... More »
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