How do you play bloody knuckles?


Bloody Knuckles is a game between two people that uses a table and a coin, preferably a quarter. It is notorious for its somewhat brutal nature, which results in the loser having bloody knuckles.

To play bloody quarters, the participants need a coin, two players sitting across each other and a smooth surface such as a table between them. The first player spins the coin vertically around the table. The two players then take turns flicking the coin to maintain its momentum. This goes on until one of them makes a mistake in flicking the coin, causing it to either fall flat or drop off the side of the table. Whoever touched the coin last is the loser.

The loser then has to put his fists down on the table with the knuckles touching the surface, as if he was going to punch the table. The winner then puts the coin on the table and forcefully shoots the coin onto the loser's knuckles. One popular way of doing this is to place the thumb firmly on the coin, then use the index and middle finger to form a V sign that is placed 2-3 inches in front of the thumb. The index and middle finger act as leverage, giving much needed force to slide the coin on the surface to smash it to the loser's knuckles. The set-up almost looks like an inverted slingshot.

After that, the coin is spun again. The game ends when one player gives up. During the course of the game, the knuckles can sometimes bleed and in rare cases are broken – thus the origin of the name.

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