How to play burned ps2 games without mod chip?


In order to play a burned PS2 game without a mod chip, you will need a 'swap disk'. You will need to unscrew the casing of your PS2 and insert the swap disk. You may then play the burned game.
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1. Power off the PS2. Set the PS2 on its side. Unscrew the 6 screws that hold the casing together. Take the casing off. 2. Find the small cap at the top right of the PS2. It will
Yes, now you can just go here: No Modchip or Flashing! I Love this!!
What i did is bought a copy of 007 agent under fire and did the swap trick and used my usb to mod theps2 to play burned games LINKS below for what i did. Source(s)
To play a burned copy of an Xbox 360 game without a mod chip, first...
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How to Play Burned PS2 Games Without a Mod Chip
There are a few methods available that will allow you to play burned games (more commonly referred to as "backups") on your PS2. All of them, however, require a bit of know-how and some effort on the user's part. The simplest way would be to use what is... More »
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