How to Play Euro Millions?


There are different ways of playing euro millions. One way is the Single Payslip which has six combinations of main and lucky star boards. This gives a chance you to make anywhere between one and six entries. You should select five numbers on a main board and two numbers on the associated lucky star board. If you want to replay some numbers several other draws, you can, just tick a box and pay for up to 10 draws in advance.
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How to Play Euro Millions
EuroMillions is a rolling jackpot lottery game that is played in Spain, France, the UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal. The draw happens every Friday night in Paris, but can be watched on television in the participating... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Euro millions can be played online or by buying tickets from a retailer. Visit a retailer and fill out the slip by choosing the day you wish to play, then choose five numbers and two lucky stars. If you choose to play online, visit a retailer who will help you to register and create an account.
EuroMillions is a transnational lottery that was launched on 7th February 2004. You can play the lottery by buying a ticket and select five main numbers which can be any integer from 1 to 50 and two lucky star numbers from a pool of 11 numbers. You then wait for a draw to see if you have won a price.
You have four main ways to play Euro Millions you can play with a single playslip, using a multiple playslip, through a lucky dip and also online. The single playslip is made up of six pairs of main and lucky star boards while the multiple playslip features one board designed to allow more numbers at an additional cost. The lucky dip does not use any formula instead the numbers are chosen randomly on your behalf. You could also play online which is available in other countries as well.
To play the Euro Millions, get a EuroMillions payslip from a National Lottery Agent and then choose five numbers between 1 and 50. Choose also two lucky star numbers between 1 and 9. After this, mark your chosen numbers on the ticket by making a vertical line with a blue or black pen or pencil across the numbers. Repeat the process for every set of numbers that you wish to play. Bring your payslip to the counter so that it can be exchanged for your ticket.
When playing Euro Millions, players have to match a minimum of three numbers right to win a prize. The jackpot lottery game can be played online or tickets can be purchased from authorised participating retailers.
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1. Get a EuroMillions payslip from a National Lottery Agent. Age restrictions vary by country. You must be 16 years old to play in the UK , while in Ireland, players must be at least
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1 You can play the Euro Millions lottery in person at a ticket counter or online. Once the draw has taken place on a Tuesday or Friday evening, have your lottery numbers at hand
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It costs £2 per play to play Euro Millions. Once you pay, you are automatically included into the UK Millionaire Raffle. The jackpot can grow to a maximum ...
The EuroMillions Lottery payslip has four sets of number boxes on them called boards. Each board is divided into two; a main board on the left and 'Lucky Star ...
EuroMillions is a rolling jackpot lottery game that is played in Spain, France, the UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal. The draw ...
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