How to Play Frisbee Golf?


Frisbee Golf is played like regular golf, except the game involves throwing a frisbee from a tee off point instead of hitting a ball. The object is to get the frisbee into the 'hole,' which is usually a metal basket with chains attached to it. Players keep track of each throw it takes to reach the basket just as golfers do with golf strokes. The person with the least amount of throws is the game's winner.
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How to Play Frisbee Golf
In Frisbee golf, the first step is to find a course, after which equipment is needed, and finally, the object is to get the disc from the starting area to the basket in the fewest amount of throws possible. Learn about boundaries and penalty throws in... More »
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Frisbee golf is when you have a disc and throw it into a basket. It is kind of like a golf game but with a disc and basket. You have certain pars you need to make.
Ever wonder how to play Frisbee golf? Wonder no more, we're here to help. Frisbee golf-or, "frolf" as it is known in some circles-is one of the most popular games going.
Determine the course on which you will play. You can find a course at a local park or play on a makeshift open field. Gather all the Frisbees you can. Each player usually has up to
you have discs for each distance (driver, mid, putter) you throw your disc, and it counts as a stroke. then you pick it up (dont walk with it) and throw it again. you finish the course
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In order to play frisbee, get a group of your friends together. One person will start the game by throwing the frisbee to another person. Everyone gets a chance ...
Frisbee golf disc is a flying disc game in which individual players throw a flying disc at a target. There are many different and creative ways of throwing a flying ...
Treasure Lake Vacation Resort in Branson, Missouri has a disc golf ...
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