How do I play games on a PSP memory stick?


To play a game on the memory PSP stick, start by attaching the PSP to the computer using USB cable and the PC's USB cable. Then, download a homebrew game to your computer and then save it to the desk top. Right-click on the game and then click on the 'copy' icon and paste the game into the memory stick folder in the PSP. Wait for the transfer to be complete and then disconnect the PSP from the computer. Next, move to the PSN icon: click on 'games', followed by clicking on the game you want to play. Finally, select 'add to cart'.
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1. Select the PSN Store icon on the PSP menu and wait for the PSN Store to appear. 2. Select "Games" from the PSN Store main menu and browse the list of available PSP titles
You need CFW Enabler to play PSP games you need to download Chicken R2. When you download Chichen R2 install it with the Chicken R2 Instalation setup thing it on PSP then on PSP 5.03
Well, there are the games you can buy from the Playstation store. You have to register for Playstation network, then you can access the store by clicking on the icon in your psp browser
That is the PSPgo
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How to Play Games on the PSP From a Memory Stick
The Sony PSP has the ability to not only play games from its UMD drive, but also from the memory stick that holds full games on it. There two ways to play games from the PSP memory stick. One uses the PSN Store to purchase and download games, while the... More »
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In order to play PSP games off your memory card, you have to have Custom Firmware (CFW) installed. You can download CFW from the internet free off charge or at ...
To put games into a psp memory stick, first insert the appropriate memory stick into its slot on psp. Connect your psp to a USB cable, turn your psp on and find ...
You cannot play PS2 games on a PSP. This is because PSP Cd is much smaller in size as compared to the PSP Cd and also PSP features one analog stick for it to control ...
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