What are the keyboard notes for "Jingle Bells?"


The keyboard notes for "Jingle Bells" are E E E - E E E - E G C D E - - - F F F F F E E E E D D E D - G - E E E - E E E - E G C D E - - - F F F F F E E E G G F D C - - -. A hyphen means to hold the note for an extra beat.

The melody to "Jingle Bells" can be played entirely with the right hand, starting from the Middle C five-finger position. Because only five notes are used in the song, it is an easy tune for beginners to learn to play.

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1. Find your key. For this example, we'll use the key of C. You'll need to find the bass buttons for your left hand that correspond to the notes C, F and G. With your right hand,
1 Put your right hand out in front of you. For Jingle Bells, you'll only use your right hand. If you're a total beginner, then the first thing you need to do is to know your "
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