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Operation is a classic board game of physical skill where players must complete an 'operation' without damaging the rest of 'Cavity Sam'. To play operation, install the batteries into Cavity Sam then touch the tweezers to the metal so as to ensure they are working. Distribute the specialist cards equally among the players then begin the game by selecting who goes first and taking a doctor card. Continue playing until Sam's ailments have all been removed to complete the game. Whoever earns the most money is the winner. The game is good for improving one's hand-eye coordination.
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To play operation, each person takes turns picking a card. The card will show a body part on it and also a dollar amount. You have to remove that part without touching the sides and causing the game to buzz. If you remove it, you get that amount of money. If you miss you lose your turn. The person with the most money at the end wins.
Operation is really easy to play! You will turn over the card and see what you need to pick up if you get it with out making the buzzer go off you get the money it was worth. If you make the buzzer go then you get no money.
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1. Find an opponent. This game requires two or more participants to play. 2. Set up the board. Place each Plastic 'ailment' in it's corresponding hole within 'Cavity Sam' 3. Install
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In the game operation you are a doctor and are required to perform 'surgery' on a patient. You draw a card stating what need to be removed and with the tweezers ...
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