How do you play pinnacle?


Pinnacle, or pinochle, is played in two teams of two people. The goal is to take 'tricks' every round, and involves bidding on how many hands you and your partner will take. Unlike some trick-taking card games, the rules of pinochle allows one partner to pass cards to the other. The full rules and game variations are available here:
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There are different variations to the game of pinnacle. The game is usually a betting game. Each card has a point value. Jokers are wild and can be used as a substitution when needed. For more information look here: Variations of pinnacle;
Pinnacle is a card game. To play Pinnacle you need two to seven players and a regular card deck with both jokers. Points are counted for each card held. Jokers have no points. Cards two through nine have one point, while Aces have three points. The ten and face cards are worth two points.
Playing the game pinochle is done by using a deck of cards. Typically three or more people play the game and they are on opposing teams from one another.
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