How to Play Pitty Pat?


Pitty Pat is a card game with the goal of being the first to discard all cards in your hand. Each player is delt 5 cards and the rest of the deck is put in the center with top card flipped up and next to the deck. You must match your cards with the top card of the discard pile. On your turn you discard a matching card and a second which sets the rank for the next player. If you do not have a matching card in your hand, you draw from the pile until you have one to discard.
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1. Deal out the deck until each player has a total of 5 cards in his hand. The rest of the deck is placed toward the center with the top card flipped over and placed next to the deck
Deal out the deck until each player has a total of 5 cards in his hand. The rest of the
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How to Play the Card Game Pitty Pat
Pitty Pat is a very simple matching game where suits are irrelevant and play is solely based on the rank of the cards. Most any player, from young to old, will easily pick up the rules of this card game since all you’ll need to do is match the... More »
Difficulty: Easy
To play pitty pat you need a deck of cards. You can play with two or four players. Deal five cards to each player to play Pitty Pat. Make a draw pile with the rest of the deck. Set up a discard pile next to the draw pile. The goal is to get three pairs. It is similar to Rummy and the winner reaches 250 points first.
The card game Pitty Pat is much like the card game concentration in the fact that pictures are matched. In Pitty Pat suits of cards are matched. begin by laying all the cards out in a square shape.
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To play the game Pitty Pat, gather first 2-4 players. Deal 5 cards to each player. Place the rest of the cards in the center. For the complete instructions, you ...
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