How to Play Pokeno?


To play Pokeno, one needs a standard bingo card, Pokeno is played like bingo and is a combination of poker and bingo, it has pictures of playing cards on it so when a card from the deck is called, place a chip on the spot on your card, aiming to make a line. As card names are called out, players cover the cards with their poker chips until one of them wins the game.
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1. Decide whether you are playing standard Pokeno, where a player wins with is five cards in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, or if you are going to play a variation
Pokeno can be played with four or five pots. Centers, Corners, Three of a Kind, Four of a Kind and Pokeno. The three of a kind pot is optional.
It's basically like bingo in a way. You have your cards with all the pictures from the card deck. You flip over a card, and if you have that picture on your board. You put a chip
The trusted Bicycle brand brings the fun and excitement of bingo together with the tradition of playing cards. Po-Ke-No, loved by children, adults, parents and educators, is an engaging
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How to Play Pokeno
Move over Bunco and bridge--a new home party game has taken center stage. A combination of cards and Bingo, Pokeno is perfect for young and old. Read on to learn how to play Pokeno.... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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